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PostSubject: The courtyard   The courtyard EmptyTue May 17, 2011 2:20 pm

Prince Atem lay under the trees with Mahado and Mana and sighed, “I know that everyone might think I lead a great life… but it’s so boring here at the palace…”

“Whatever do you mean, my prince?” Mahado asked, but still in the respective way to show that the prince was higher than him in social level. Atem had gotten used to this way of Mahado looking up at him and though he was a bit bothered by it, he didn’t try to stop his friend anymore.

“Well… here, my schedule is all laid out for me, I don’t have any time to just have an adventure or play a fantasy game like other children to… or so I have heard… like in a short time, someone is going to come tell me I have magic lessons…” Atem said to his company with a sigh.

Mana smiled sadly and said, “Well you know you have a better life than most of them out there, right?” Atem looked at Mana and nodded, “Yes… I wish I could help those more though… when I am Pharaoh I’m going to try to make it so everyone in my Kingdom can try to be happy.”

Mahado smiled at the little prince and thought he would become a great leader if he was already thinking like that. He was about to tell the other two something, but just as Atem had said, a servant walked in and bowed then said, “My prince, it is time for your magic lesson” the person stayed bowing at the royal son of the Pharaoh.

“See what did I tell you?” Atem flashed a smile at Mana and Mahado. Atem signed and then said in a regal voice, “Thank you, I will be right there…” The servant bowed and left. Atem exhaled sharply and declared, “I don’t want to go to magic class… it’s so boring!” Mahado smiled and said, “I know, but getting the basics is most important, my prince.”

Atem frowned even more and then retorted, “But all we are doing is making objects fly around… like fish… I already have it down, it’s so boring to me!” Mana looked at Atem with wonder and respect and said, “But it’s difficult” Atem rose an eyebrow at her and said, “No its boring.” She giggled at him and really admired that he could learn magic quickly.

A special look then was shown in Atem’s eyes and he said carefully, “You…two…go to class, I want to go do something…” a small smile played on the young prince’s lips and he stood up.

Mana and Mahado looked at each other and stood up as well and Mahado opened his mouth to try to tell Atem that they were there to watch over them, but Atem had a card up his sleeve. Before Mahado or Mana could tell him he should go with them, Atem said with a regal air, “I am still your prince, no matter how young… and for once, even though you two are my friends, I order you to go to class without me.” A small smirk was on Atem’s lips. It was very rare when he used his “prince” card against his two friends… but this time, he had an adventure in his mind that he had to play out.

“Ok… I guess we have no choice do we?” Mana said reluctantly. Mahado had a frown on his face and said with slight anger, “As you wish… my prince.” The two turned to go and Atem smiled, but then ran to his room and got a cloak that he used when he went to town with his father.

“Hmmm this should do…” Atem muttered to himself as he put on the hood of his cloak and covered his face with a part of the cloak. The cloak was a light beige color and only Atem’s eyes could actually be seen well, so his crimson eyes really did stand out.

Atem hid his crown far beneath his bed, knowing where he was going, no prince should go with a golden crown. He got a bit of money (for food and all) and then very carefully snuck out of his room and avoided guards that would occasionally appear. He hid behind the pillars that were around the palace and made his way out to the royal stables and got a pretty Arabian horse that looked strong. After getting the horse, Atem realized that the back way out of the palace was able to be accessed easier than the front. The young prince easily hopped up on his new Arabian horse (he had started riding when he was a tiny baby), and looking as if he was just another soldier or servant, he rode out into the streets of the kingdom.

Finally out of the palace, Atem felt free. He knew he would eventually go back… possibly when someone found out he was gone and then the entire Kingdom searched for him. He however savored his freedom for a moment. Atem urged the horse on and just took off running. His hood magically stayed on so he wasn’t noticed too much in the immediate Kingdom. If the people of the village around the palace saw him, they would know it was the prince… but Atem’s plan was to make it to a village somewhat far away, so no one could figure out who he was … until perhaps guards came to find him.

Atem rode and rode until he knew the horse was getting tired, but around this time… he came to the village of Kul Elna.

((To Kul Elna!!))
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The courtyard
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