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 The village

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PostSubject: The village    Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:57 pm

Ah what a peaceful place, children laughing, adults talking to each other and a nice beautiful weather. For the Egyptians this was a wonderful day. It is a holiday this day so they had no work and they can enjoy to be with each other, but all that changed when a certain thief had to enter their lives.

With an evil grin on his face and a maniacal look in his eyes, Akefia went rampaging through the small village. He had his dagger in his hands and his sword strapped at his side. All the villagers screamed as he chased them. He finally captured a small child.

"MY BABY!" A woman cried as she stood in fear as she had to face her own son in the hands of a thief.

Akefia smirked as he held the dagger towards the boy's throat. The boy winced and didn't say a word, he was to afraid to speak.

It has been about a month since Akefia last came to the palace for food, and he has been living off of scraps, so you can say his hunger made him go mad in the head. "If you don't want to see this boy's head cut off I suggest you give me all your money."

The woman was crying as a man came out with a sword, "look just put the boy down, I have some gold pieces here, but please just drop the boy."

Akefia gently put the boy down, but still had him in his grasp, "throw the gold pieces there on the floor towards me, and I'll let go of the boy."

The man did as he asked and Akefia let the boy loose. The small child ran towards his parents crying. As for Akefia he went to bend down to pick up the money, but then found himself with a sword at his throat.

"Now listen here, you can't be arriving at our village and terrorizing the people, wait until the pharaoh hears about this, man will we be rich once we turn you in." The man said as he held his sword.

Akefia smirked, "you forget that I have a sword too," he went to reach for his sword but noticed it was missing, another child had stolen it. Angry at himself he just decided to follow him to the palace, he had nothing else anyways. At least in a cell he would have shelter and food.

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PostSubject: Re: The village    Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:39 pm

Some of the men lead Theif Akefia by sword point to the palace, hoping to get a handsome reward for his capture.
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The village
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